Small victory for racial harmony in Anne Arundel County.

This post is a follow-up to my earlier post titled “Racial harmony vs. racial politics.”  The proposed resolution of the Anne Arundel Council that was the subject of that post was introduced and passed on Monday night.  All members of the County Council joined as co-sponsors of the resolution.

Annapolis civil rights activist Carl Snowden nevertheless stated that Resolution No. 22-17 passed by the Anne Arundel County Council denouncing racism and white supremacy was “disappointing.” In my opinion, his disappointment was less about the resolution than it was about the fact that his attempt to turn the resolution into a political sideshow, with him in the spotlight, had failed.  Mr. Snowden, not the resolution, is disappointing.

As I noted in last week’s post Mr. Snowden probably thought that he had Mr. Peroutka backed into a corner.  If Mr. Peroutka refused to introduce the resolution Mr. Snowden could tout the refusal as proof of his racism.  If Mr. Peroutka yielded to the demand Mr. Snowden could claim credit for his capitulation. Fortunately, Councilman Peter Smith stepped up and announced that he would introduce the resolution and invited other members of the Council to join him as co-sponsors.

The leadership demonstrated by Mr. Smith defused the situation and allowed the focus to shift from a petty political feud to trying to do something to stem the rising tide of racial animosity in the county.  It also, however, snatched an opportunity away from Mr. Snowden to even the score a bit with a political enemy and Mr. Snowden seemed very unhappy with that development.

I initially planned to submit an op ed to the The Capital expressing my disgust with Mr. Snowden’s behavior in this matter.  As I thought about it, however, I saw little good to be served.  Most of the residents of Anne Arundel County have long since formed their opinions about Mr. Snowden.  Those who view him as a race-baiting opportunist do not need any further persuasion.  Any criticism that I directed at Mr. Snowden would be written off by those who view him as a civil rights hero as the typical response of the white establishment.  Sometimes it is best to let folks judge for themselves.

June 8, 2017


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